Macro Photography Tutorial

Here's a short guide to shooting several photographs to make an ultra sharp close focus shot. Peter Bargh explains how to shoot, and then what software will combine the shots to give you ultra sharp results.

Nikon Autofocus Tutorial

This video explains into depth about Nikon's autofocusing system in Nikon's lenses and camera bodies - showing into depth about the settings to get your image crystal clear in focus. Enjoy.

On the second hand, sorry, we forgot there is a slight difference in the focus indicator (aka "electric rangefinder") on the lower end DSLR's. Okay, on the lower end DSLR's, there won't be any triangles at all - there is only green dot that alerts the user the subject in focus. Continue focusing manually by estimate until the green dot lights up continuously in the viewfinder. These models don't have both triangles happen to be: D40, D40X, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D80, D90, D100, D200, and D300.

Droste Effect in Photographs

The "Droste effect" derives from a Dutch chocolate maker that used an image of its box on the box recursively at smaller and smaller scales.

Flickr user Pisco Bandito wrote a tutorial on how to create your very own Droste effect [wiki] photo using Mathmap for Windows and GIMP.

Or you can just gawk at the cool photos others had created at the Escher’s Droste Print Gallery [Flickr] 






Escher-Droste Effect Explained

This video starts with a conformal homotopy between the identity map and the logarithm. Then follows with a rotation and scaling then a conformal homotopy of the exponential map.

I'm the guy in the picture and the building is the math and computer sciences building at the university of Montreal. I made this under the supervision of Christiane Rousseau, professor of mathematics at the university of Montreal.

Thanks to Josh Sommers. Though I did not use his code, I could not have written mine without his. It helped me understand MATHMAP better than any tutorial out there. Christiane Rousseau came up with the math behind the deformation.

No angles were changed during the making of this video.

Real-time Escher Fractal Droste